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Election reform still needed

Related to quandry's post on the "stolen election meme", I saw this today on Watching Justice:

Congressional Democrats Ask GAO to Probe Election Problems

I just want the process to have stability and tangibility. I want verifiable paper receipts for every single electronic vote, bar-coded so we can go to a secure web site and look to see that our vote was counted. We have the technology, as the saying goes.

Heck, if it takes every voter hanging on to that receipt (on special paper so it can't be easily counterfeited), and having us all stand in big groups with someone calling us out and saying "how did you vote?" then I'm for that, if that's what it takes for the numbers to be right.

It's not that I want a big brouhaha like Florida last time; I don't. But I feel very uncomfortable with the current integrity of our election process; it bothers me on a deep level. I definitely want to see swing states like Ohio and Florida get their voting system together.

We are supposedly the champions of democracy in the world, and yet, it seems that we can't even get it verifiably right on our home front.

Addendum: Salon is blocked from my workplace, so I haven't yet had the chance to read the article she linked. Will peruse when I get home.

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