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I've been trying to cut down on the number of "filler" posts, like fluffy non-LJ polls, but a gal with epidemiology listed in her interests section has gotta include this one, you know? :)

You're infamous. You're usually deadly when left untreated. You're spread by a flea.

That's how cool you are.

If you wish, you can proudly tell the world that you wiped out much of the human population of the Earth hundreds of years ago with the following fine graphic:

Take the Affliction Test Today!

Ah, well. Ebola is overrated anyway - burns out its host too quickly. :D Way to go, Yersinia pestis! :)

"Dammit, mommy, you never let me be hemorraghic fever! I mean, if I can't be Ebola, then at least let me be Marburg! Geez!"

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