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Election Day voting

LONG line. Really long.

Got there at about 7:40 am and didn't get out until 10:00 am. Fortunately, I had my sweetie with me for company. The couple that cancels one another's votes out (on some, not all) stays together, or something like that. :)

The line went out the door, around the side of the building, curved back in on itself in a U shape, and extended out into the parking lot. I should've brought a camera to record the moment. It was so long that there were children there taking advantage of the captive audience by selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts, coffee, candy bars, and water to those of us waiting in line. Ah, capitalism in action. :)

I saw an interesting collection of reading material in the hands of people who had come prepared for the wait. Everything from Peter S. Beagle to a self-help marital book called His Needs, Her Needs, as well as the obligatory copies of the AJC. Most amusing: the guy four ahead of us in line who was reading the City of Heroes manual! *chuckles* I wish the guy behind us had been reading. He would not freaking shut up. No, I mean it. He stayed on his cell phone, loudly, spewing utter inanity to various people the whole time we were in line. There really ought to be rules governing where you can make a cell call.

Also saw a couple of rulebreakers wearing political t-shirts in line -- they were supporting the Republican candidate for sheriff. The guy ahead of me said they'd be admonished when they got to the door; he said he'd seen someone wearing a Kerry t-shirt reprimanded earlier, and told to turn the t-shirt inside out before voting. Clothing or pins for one candidate or another are not allowed because no partisan campaigning is permitted within 150 feet of a polling place.

Traffic was weirdly heavy getting to work after voting. I guess people having to wait to vote kind of pushed the typical rush hour traffic back.

I still wish we had receipt-based ballots with ID numbers so we could verify our vote. I definitely don't feel a good sense of confidence in our voting machines, at the moment, but I'm glad to have it over and done with.

Now, the wait for the results. I've done all I can do.

Tags: elections, people behaving badly, politics/government

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