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An interesting, if somewhat depressing, meme

I nabbed this meme from altamont: it tracks the popularity of your interests as compared with other LJ users. 13,698 users are interested in a single television show, Alias, as opposed to a mere 428 who cite autonomy as an interest. No wonder the country as a whole is willing to exchange liberty for the illusion of safety.

Twin Peaks is just barely more popular than Firefly at the time of this writing; I'm betting that will change after the release of Serenity. I am among a mere 21 others who list meursault as an interest, which suits me fine. More of the smoky white Burgundy for us, as there's precious little enough of it to begin with.

I was, however, encouraged to see that Neil Gaiman is popular enough at least to be counted as a Common interest. Heck, he's more popular than John Woo on LJ by far. *chuckles*

This whole thing reminds me that it wouldn't hurt to update my Interests list.

How common are pointedview's interests
reading (352824)
writing (351052)
cats (130226)
cooking (80297)
philosophy (70050)
travel (50237)
sushi (48595)
hockey (47161)
theatre (46819)
games (45755)
literature (44230)
tea (37189)
rpgs (29226)
wine (24892)
computer games (19318)
neil gaiman (18587)
tolkien (16506)
mountains (15801)
france (15643)
paris (15380)
alias (13698)
scotland (13160)
culture (10788)
thai food (9623)
egypt (8352)
debate (8193)
sandman (7348)
celtic music (6426)
twin peaks (5435)
firefly (5433)
trivia (3905)
owls (3894)
justice (3645)
ethics (3503)
food network (2940)
wheel of time (2813)
recipes (2356)
myth (1707)
lemurs (1007)
entertaining (985)
public speaking (862)
rights (787)
vietnamese food (780)
john woo (762)
etiquette (686)
autonomy (428)
nigella lawson (400)
epidemiology (298)
mbti (282)
indian cuisine (199)
personality types (122)
oolong (110)
lapsang souchong (69)
female gamers (66)
fusion cuisine (42)
cuisines (24)
meursault (21)
palm court (8)
vacherin mont d'or (5)
mastercook (4)
womengamers.com (4)
womengamers (3)

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