pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

An imagined excerpt from the VP debate

Just a little silliness. :)

Edwards (on Cheney's response about partisan politics): Well, Mr. Darth, erm, Mr. Vice President, it doesn't exactly help heal the political divide in this country when you're cussing people out on the Senate floor.
Cheney (referring to Edwards' attendance record): How would you know? You weren't there! Go f- yourself! Besides, I'm only a little less well behaved than Teresa Heinz Kerry.
Edwards: Teresa isn't serving in an elected capacity, Mr. Vice President . . . and maybe you shouldn't be, either. Besides, you can't even remember that we met at a prayer breakfast a while back, not on the stage here, as you're spinning it. You're also a big meanie: you voted against Head Start, voted against Meals on Wheels, voted against the Martin Luther King Holiday. . .
Cheney (clearly annoyed): At least I was there to vote!
Edwards: . . . and . . . and . . . and . . . and I've heard you eat babies for breakfast!
Cheney: I admit that my diet has contributed to my heart condition.
*scans audience for a mid-debate snack; settles for eating microphone instead*


(For a more serious analysis, read my previous post. I was just feeling playful this morning.)

Tags: humor, politics/government

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