pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

For those attending DragonCon

So, con's coming up in just a few days, and I know that quite a number of you are planning to be there. What are you excited about seeing?

I'm definitely looking forward to catching up with out-of-town friends and having a more leisurely con than usual. Yes, I've made my usual crammed-to-the-gills schedule, but with a few exceptions, I don't think I need to stick to it fanatically.

I'm particularly interested in the Firefly panels, the Hero's Quest panel on Sunday, and the Lord of the Rings preview of the Extended Edition DVD. I'm also hoping to stroll through the gaming room and maybe join in a game of Talisman if someone's playing.

My goals for the Dealer's Room include finding something related to Firefly or Serenity (it can be a t-shirt, but not a black t-shirt), and also finding a plushie kodama with a rattling head that isn't inordinately expensive (this will be unlikely, as they stopped making that one, so it's rare). I dream of finding a Talisman game under $75, but I think that's pretty much going to remain a dream.

What about you?

Tags: conventions/festivals, fandoms

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