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Okay, I find this fascinating. It's like six degrees of separation in action, only greatly reduced because of the way the web works to begin with, and in an even smaller pool, the way LJ works. I found this link through two degrees of LJ separation. It's dealing with memes, specifically, LJ memes, and how quickly they spread.

I don't see how this is a counter-meme, exactly: it seems to me that it's just another LJ meme, save for the fact that it's not a quiz. However, he's right that it's an interesting commentary, and certainly the link contains some links to things like LJ statistics and the LJ meme tracker itself that I find intriguing. It's worth a click, in my opinion, so here you go:

Eric's LJ Meme

As an aside, I knew I was technologically literate for my age, but sheesh! 393,332 LJ users as of this writing, and only 1,537 others are my age? Heck, only 756 are my husband's age, for that matter! I'm not surprised that my state is in the top ten for LJ usage, though.

Oh, and for all you marketers out there:

Receiving News/Advertising
This information says how many users of the ones with validated email addresses subscribe to the LiveJournal news that we send out, and how many people say they wouldn't mind getting advertisement/promotions sent to them by e-mail.

* Users getting LiveJournal news: 42008
* Users getting promotions by mail: 2438

People pretty much hate e-mail advertising. :) I know I do. I feel my e-mail box has a certain sanctity, and really feel that spam is totally invasive. I dislike anything that's not opt-in, and if a site asks for too much personal information during registration, with rare exception, I'll leave and not come back. With a few special exceptions, I get offended if a site doesn't provide me with a "prefer not to answer" option on questions like gender.

Unfortunately, you can clobber marketing weasels about the head and neck until they bleed, and they still won't get the clue. Perhaps they're a different evolutionary subset: homo sapiens sleazonicus. They will stop at nothing. They have no morals and no scruples whatsoever, most of them. I say most, but I truly have yet to meet one with any ethical boundaries.

However, sites themselves are to blame for not telling marketers "piss off, we don't need your money." They are quite culpable for that, for not saying "This is the part of the page we have for advertising, period. We are not going to put a 100 x 100 ad in the middle of our page no matter how much you pay us, and especially not for the little tiny scraps you throw to dotcom advertising. Take your money elsewhere, or live with the terms we've set." Web sites own that responsibility for giving ad sales and marketing departments far too much power. This is doubly unwise, considering how ignorant most marketing types are about the way the web actually works.

For any marketers out there who happen to be reading this, the icon associated with this post is just for you. [sarcasm]*mwah*[/sarcasm]

Mmm, this turned into a bit of a rambling rant. ;)

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