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Men's Gymnastics

Very, very proud of our US Men's Gymnastics team for winning the silver medal in the team competition in Athens, Greece. I have mixed feelings about Japan's gold: they were magnificent on the High Bar, doing moves of incredible difficulty with focused execution. I can't help wondering "what if," though -- what if the Japanese judge hadn't skewed the trials, as mentioned in a previous post? I think they might still have won fair and square, and, strangely, I find myself feeling a bit bad for them that the judge made it an impure victory with his chicanery. Maybe Team USA should feel complimented indirectly that he felt that threatened by their ability.

However, silver is just fine for the US team. They have done so much work in changing and restructuring since Sydney, and it has truly paid off. Silver validates that effort and gives them something even greater to strive for next time around.

I hope we see some individual gold for them: Perhaps Jason Gatson on Parallel Bars, and I'd really like to see something for Blaine Wilson, who has just given so much to be there.

I'm amazed that we've seen so little from Russia this go-round in gymnastics.

Oh, and I've got to mention that wonderful Romanian vaulter, can't remember his name right now, but he did this phenomenally difficult vault, and former Olympian Tim Daggett quipped "Now, he's trying to stick that landing. There are a few other gymnasts in the world doing that vault, and they're not thinking about sticking the landing, they're just thinking 'I hope I don't die doing this.'" Hee. :) It was really impressive.

Looking forward to the women's competition tonight.

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