pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

So long, Julia, and thanks for all the (cooked) fish

Julia Child passed away today, just three days before her 92nd birthday. There's no doubt that she lived a long and productive life, but we'll surely miss her nonetheless. She pioneered so much in spreading culinary awareness -- the Food Network, chefs across the world, home cooks who learned better skills from her -- all owe her a great debt.

Thank you, Julia, for all you did and gave. I know a lot of LJ cooking communities (LJ Gourmet and others) have posters suggesting that they make a nice dish this weekend in her memory, and I think I'm going to try. At the very least, I'll buy one of her cookbooks.

I was pleased to read that Child's kitchen has been preserved as an exhibit in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Good for them.

Bon appetit, bon voyage, and bonne nuit, old friend.

Tags: celebrities, deaths, food
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