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Dynamic duos!

From my dear friend FreakyFerret, a fun little web toy:

They Fight Crime

One that he got that reminds both of us of us for some reason: ;)
He's a notorious small-town hairdresser moving from town to town, helping folk in trouble. She's a violent thirtysomething soap star with an MBA from Harvard. They fight crime!

This one could've been an actual show:
He's a sword-wielding overambitious messiah with a passion for fast cars. She's a sarcastic impetuous femme fatale prone to fits of savage, blood-crazed rage. They fight crime!

another funny one:

He's a war-weary Native American househusband on a mission from God. She's an enchanted wisecracking museum curator prone to fits of savage, blood-crazed rage. They fight crime!

*chuckle* I miss the Snit Sisters. :/ Wonder Twin powers, activate! :D

Also, some of you might be interested in a new community that I suggested, but let somebody else create (don't want to spread myself too thin). If you're a foodie, check out atlanta_eats (especially you, chef). ;)

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