pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Free speech, but only for some

Well, mumpish beat me to it in the fifth paragraph of this post. I'd seen a link from MetaFilter this morning regarding the free speech zones, and had intended to write about it (it's a different link from the Wired article). Unfortunately, just as I was about to start typing, my husband called to warn me of a wreck he'd heard about on the radio, indicating that I needed to get on the road to work sooner rather than later.

In short, my perspective is simply that all of America's public space is supposed to be a free speech zone. Although I've recently made posts expressing my disapproval of rude remarks made by Dick Cheney and Teresa Heinz Kerry, and I do still feel that both displayed poor judgment and a lack of tact in the way they conveyed their sentiments, I absolutely and unquestionably defend their right to speak their minds.

The sheer irony of Democratic speakers aggrandizing this constitutional right while it is denied to those outside the convention building is appallingly hypocritical and, dare I say it, un-American. As mumpish mentioned, the Republicans will be giving protesters similar treatment when their convention rolls around, so they're culpable as well. In neither case is it a good thing.

Tags: civil liberties, politics/government

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