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New thought on Twin Peaks symbolism

In this post, sakka states the following:

I was listening to Julee Cruise's album "Floating into the Night", particularily "The Nightingale" which was in the series (can't remember during what episode/part though ... argh!) and I was curious if there was any symbolism related to the bird that would fit along with Twin Peaks... I Googled it:

"The nightingale is a bird who sings of love, but it is also a symbol of the connection between love and death. In the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet, for example, the nightingale's song signifies that the lovers will remain together, but in danger of death. Althouh the song was considered a good omen in some areas, in others it was thought to announce a death or to be the cry for help of a soul in purgatory."

To me, this is very interesting. Fans of the show will remember a certain scene in the Red Room, where the shadow of a bird flies across the curtain at one point. I always thought it was an owl, given the whole "owls are not what they seem" emphasis. However, given the song, I may now have to consider that it could be the shadow of a nightingale.

Oh, gee, now I guess I have to watch it again . . . ;) I wish the bloody second season would come out on DVD. For Pete's sake, they only made two seasons, and they've already got the first out on DVD. How hard is it to put out the second? Well, hard enough, given what I know about the tug of war over who owns the rights, but still, it's very annoying for fans that the earliest we can hope for it in the US is rumored to be 2007. :(

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