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Happy 4th of July, now with the power of cheese

Happy 4th of July, my friends! A celebration of independence, generally accompanied by loud, fiery things at later hours. Can it be that this time last year, we were at Scott and Jonathan's nuptials? It seems longer ago than that, somehow. Though time passes, some things don't change: it was bloody hot in DC at that time, and it's bloody hot in Atlanta, now. Either way, happy anniversary, my dears!

We're keeping it fairly simple today: some brats simmered in the crock pot with a side of Fresh Market potato salad. I did the brats just a bit differently this time: had about a cup of the Rex Goliath Pinot Noir left over from yesterday, so I sort of browned the brats in that while it reduced, then put the pan drippings in with all the things going in the crock pot. Additionally, I'm using Abita's Purple Haze as the beer this time, rather than Corona. I'm thinking the raspberry note in the beer should be very complementary with the pork. We'll see how it turns out. It smells good, anyway. Assuming we're in a house next year at this time, maybe we'll have people over.

Yesterday, David and I had our own private little cheese tasting. After hearing about it here and there, I had the chance to try Humboldt Fog recently. If you like chevre and Brie, I think you'll love this. It's almost like having two cheeses in one. There's this creamy center with a texture somewhat like that of chevre that's tangy and complex, while the edge has this buttery, runny texture that's not unlike warm Brie. I loved it, and just wish we'd had the recommended Pinot Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc to accompany it at the time.

Now, I think it was hands-down more impressive than this decent but unremarkable Cheddar that David selected, but I can't even get him to try it after my last cheese selection (mango and ginger Stilton), which I readily admit was a dud, but was trying based upon the recommendation of a stranger. His loss -- I'll eat all the Humboldt Fog he doesn't want. :)

Oh, we also saw Spider-Man 2 yesterday. Really liked it; thought it was better than the first one. I still think Shrek 2 slightly edges it out for best movie I've seen this summer, but that's not saying much, because most of the movies I've seen have been drek, IMHO.

Need to call Mom, Dad, Meg, and Tim and wish them a happy 4th. Think I'll do that right now. Yeah, I just talked to them Friday, but I love 'em lots, you know? :)

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