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Really, Mr. Cheney

I was reading Terrance's commentary on Vice President Cheney's remarks to Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

Do you ever have those moments when your mother or father just sort of pops out of you as a reaction? At a very early age, not even knee-high to either parent, I learned the words "WE don't DO that," and "It is simply Not Done," from them. When I read of Cheney's comments, my first response was "that is simply not done." I told my husband this, and he playfully accused me of being a Southern blueblood. If having been taught what is appropriate and what is not makes me such, then I proudly claim it.

The only possible grounds upon which I could excuse such behavior might be if his medications were causing him problems. Otherwise, such conduct, as the Vice President of the United States, should have been utterly beneath him.

What's worse, according to CNN, he's completely unapologetic about it.

It's not that I mind profanity per se. I'm about as vociferous a defender of free speech as you'll find, and I've watched my share of South Park. However, just because one can say something doesn't necessarily mean one should. There's a time and a place for it: it's all about context, and the floor of the U.S. Senate when both men are on the job is not the place or the time.

The irony that that this is coming from the supposed "family values" side of the political equation does not escape me.

Tags: etiquette/protocol, people behaving badly, politics/government

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