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Plans for Memorial Day weekend

Plans for Memorial day weekend include:

  • Composing a grocery list and going grocery shopping (must get kitty litter)
  • Getting some new clothes for David (I loathe shopping for clothes, but he really needs some)
  • Going to an Ethiopian restaurant
  • Possibly see a movie (no idea what).
  • Work on XML configuration stuff.
  • Write an embarrassingly belated thank you note to my aunt.
  • Post the message officially to my guild that we're leaving DAoC.
  • Play City of Heroes.
  • Get my act together and turn the copious notes I have into a proper review of CoH for WG.

  • I know I'd like to get together with spring_1970 and her husband for dim sum this Sunday, or maybe have MADR (if he's not working) or Mike P. or someone over on Memorial Day itself, but I'm 99.9% certain that the spousal unit will crush my Extroverted social tendencies with his mighty powers of Introversion.

    He wants to rest and recharge, and he has been tired this week, so I'll likely yield. I can't fuss too much: we did just have folks over last weekend. (Though I could try to sell the idea that the house is already cleanish and we should take advantage of that.) ;) spring_1970, if I can't talk him into dim sum this weekend, let's do it soon. We miss you.

  • Fix food for Memorial Day. I'm considering making sangria, since I haven't made it in years. Will possibly grill some steaks on the Foreman. Am trying to figure out a simple accompaniment that's quick to fix but not boring. I'd make Hank's No Mayo Potato Salad, but the vinegar and mustard base wouldn't be too complementary with the sangria, I'm thinking.

  • Take a moment, especially this year, to remember the significance of Memorial Day, to be thankful for all the soldiers over all the years who have given in the service of the United States, and to be especially grateful that my grandfather, my cousin, my husband, and my friends came home safe.

  • Realize that not all of the above will get done, and getting my J to be okay with that. ;)

    I'd love to start the second book in the His Dark Materials series, but I'd be kidding myself if I thought I had time. I also want to read some more of Andrea Immer's Great Tastes Made Simple.

    Right. Yeah.

    *looks at above list and admits that it sounds not even remotely restful*

    What's on your agenda?

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