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If God is your co-pilot, I shudder to think how you'd be driving without Him

I'll preface this with an apology: I don't like sweeping generalizations, and I try scrupulously to avoid them 99% of the time. Also, I'm not meaning to be offensive. I'm sure there are numerous exceptions out there.

However, based on my anecdotal experience . . . why is it that BMW drivers are usually some of the rudest on the road, and Jesus fish drivers tend to be some of the worst? I mean, apparently they need God as their co-pilot, and they're still not doing very well. ;)

Fortunately, I've yet to see a BMW with a Jesus fish on it. Probably the day I do will be the time when I'm having a conversation with the incompetent driver about their insurance because they've just caused an accident. ;p

Tags: people behaving badly, religion, traffic
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