pointedview (pointedview) wrote,


I am craving Ethiopian food.

This is all Scott's fault. Hmph. Had he been around, he would have enjoyed the bottle of port we opened last night.

I could maybe settle for a Vietnamese fix at Pho 79, but I'd really prefer a vinegary lamb stew with injera (sp?) like we had in DC that time.

Or maybe Persian, like that other amazing place we went in Washington, DC. Hmmm . . . I'm pretty sure we still have a Persian restaurant here on Roswell Rd., but we haven't been there in a while. Maybe I should look that up.

Or good Indian. Fortunately, I know a good Indian place locally (Maharajah).

If we really do move, it will be very hard giving up Atlanta's extensive restaurant selection. Mur, are there multicultural food options in the RTP area? I trust you, as a fellow foodie.
Tags: food, restaurants
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