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More analysis of blog software

I've spent the last couple of hours doing more research, and learning more about blog software. This comparative article on blogware was very helpful.

Weblog Publishing:

Desktop Server
  • Radio Userland

  • Blosxom (Mac originated; usable cross-platform)
  • Greymatter
  • Movable Type

    Client App
  • City Desk (Client App $350)
  • Tinderbox (Mac only)

    Weblog Community:

  • Geeklog
  • pMachine (pMachine is free; Expression Engine is $149)
  • Nucleus
  • Word Press (successor of b2/cafelog)

    I'm leaning heavily toward the PHP options, but there are quite a few to evaluate. WordPress is getting a serious look because of its LiveJournal importer feature; really, after looking at some of the others, I'd have to say that it's the front runner.

    I know I definitely want one that's will work with a handy update client comparable to Semagic. I sometimes update my LJ via the web, but typically, it's with Semagic. I just like having a client separate from the browser.

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