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Good party, meandering LJ entry

It was a fun little get-together last night, even if we did accidentally overcook the burgers by about a minute or so. (I'm still proud of David for cooking.)

I mark it as a good gathering given the time folks stayed, and the fact that a couple of us ended up sitting on the floor. It's not that we don't have perfectly serviceable chairs, but I generally consider it a positive sign when folks choose the floor over the aforementioned chairs, because it generally means they're really relaxed and comfortable. Or maybe they just wanted to be close to the kitty, who was diligently working to rub her smell back on the carpet since we'd actually vacuumed. :)

Oh, what did we do? mumpish, T., and Michael came over to our place last night for burgers with all the trimmings, T.'s tasty mushroomy-cheesy thing, and too much other food (sun-dried tomato/pesto torte, potato chips, broccoli slaw which D. forgot to put out, and strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream that nobody ate because we were all too freaking full). We have way too many leftovers today. *cries*

Lots of political debate filled the air, along with some laughter and good zingers (Jim is dependably witty, and I got in one or two myself). We were supposed to watch a copy of Hero that Michael had borrowed from a friend. Unfortunately, it was a Region 2 DVD and we found that our DVD player wasn't up to the challenge of playing it. I did think about purchasing a region-free DVD player back when we bought it, but the one we have had some features that we really liked compared to the region frees we were able to find, and those features prevailed at the time. Wasn't a big loss: we talked plenty.

T. and I were talking over in the corner about Alegria, and that led to discussion of Cirque's permanent shows in Las Vegas, O and Mystere. T. is very good at cards, David has been watching the poker pros on the Travel channel, and it seems that both couples have respectively been talking about a trip to Vegas. I suggested that it might be fun to go together, and they seemed receptive to the idea. We've never gone anywhere with another couple before, but I think it could be great fun -- I can think of several folks who'd be good to travel with: Deb and Steve; spring_1970 and A., just off the top of my head. Anyway, something to think about.

Too late in the evening, we came up with the idea of watching Red Dragon, so we put that off for another day. I mentioned that I'd toyed at times with the idea of having a monthly movie club get-together, and mumpish pointed out that we'd just talk through it anyway. :D Man's got a point, but still, it wouldn't kill any of us to get together more often. Now that we have two cents to rub together again, I realize how much I've missed entertaining, and how much I've missed these friends in particular. And they're coming to con this year - yayness!

I think T. is great for many reasons, but found yet another last night: who knew she was a Last Unicorn fan? I gave her our copy of the VHS tape, since, thanks to goodjoan, we recently replaced it with a DVD copy.

Further on the video front, we are trying to pimp Firefly to the aforementioned group of folks; will have to get together to share it. I think they'll enjoy the strong themes of independence, the humor, the themes explored, and of course, the folk song. :D If it tells you anything, I rather think that, had the series been allowed to last more than one fargin' season, there's a good chance I would have come to like it as much as Babylon 5. I think it's the best thing I've seen Joss Whedon do. I want to get them hooked before the movie is released. :)

Heck, maybe it would be fun to have a Fandom Pimpage night: have about seven folks over, start about 2 in the afternoon, and everyone bring one one-hour episode from their favorite series to try to entice other folks. (Couples count as one unit, so if it were Jim & T., spring_1970 and A., Michael, David, and myself, that'd be about four to five hours of video. It could be done.) 'course, the problem with being Ns sometimes is that the best episodes of our series tend to tie into big story arcs, so they don't have the same impact if folks haven't seen previous episodes to know what's going on.

That reminds me . . . speaking of pimpage (in this case, literary pimpage), I need to send T. an e-mail reminding her of the His Dark Materials trilogy we talked about last night. I'd be very interested in hearing her perspective on it. For what it's worth, New Line is making a movie out of the Pullman books.

Oh, yeah, and need to give them some stuff on Mirrormask. Here are a couple of links:



We are all very excited about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I vote for a group outing on that one. Or, what happened last time, going on and seeing it at our respective conveniences, then getting together and seeing it again to discuss it. This happened with Return of the King, and it was really nice. I love the fact that we're good enough friends that we can be honest about that sort of thing. I think it's a likelihood that we'll all go see Hero as well.

At the after-the-party party, Michael very kindly expressed a genuine interest in City of Heroes. The dear man stayed until 3 am, even though he had to go to work the next day. Yay, us! We may be in our 30s, but we can still talk the night away! David made a sweet comment: I was yawning my way to bed, saying "It was fun, but dang, it's late." "Yeah," he said, "but Michael's worth it." And he is. Totally. I am so grateful for that sense of kinship and enjoyment. Just wish he had an LJ or blog. I am overjoyed that mumpish is journaling again.

Related to journaling, I'm getting itchy to change my user icon again. I'd love to get a screencap of Ron Glass from the "Jaynestown" episode, and create a "Too Much Hair" icon. 'member those "My fandom" icons that were popular a little while ago? A "My fandom has too much hair" icon would be funny.

All right; time to stop rambling (my train of thought keeps getting interrupted, grrr), and go jump in the shower. Might go catch Shrek 2 today; we'll see. I definitely need to make some time to work on my CoH review. *tries to resist urge to procrastinate*

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