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Shocked and appalled

I'm mostly still spluttering incoherently after reading Terrance's entry on the decision by Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn to deny the Unitarian Universalists tax-exempt status. Just who does she think she is, to contravene the U.S. Constitution so?

I feel a great sense of outrage over this. Although not a Unitarian myself, my dear friend Scott, a UU minister, has taught me so much by example in who he is, and how he conducts his life. Personally, I think they've tangled with the wrong tiger: Although not the largest group, Unitarians tend to be exceedingly well-educated and often influential people.

I have a great deal of respect for the ideals of the Unitarian church, and a great deal of respect for the ideals upon which this country was founded, one of which was freedom from religious persecution. This is a grave error on the Comptroller's part that I hope will soon be corrected, as she seems to have forgotten the faces of our founding fathers.
Tags: people behaving badly, politics/government, religion
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