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Weekend recap

It was a lovely weekend, if too short, as always. We finally got around to getting the oil changed in the Escape after procrastinating for three weekends.

We also went to dinner with Michael R. at the Cheesecake Factory. Good food, and good N conversation, which is always a major draw. I miss that so much in the working world, surrounded by Sensors. I shared the fire-roasted artichokes as an appetizer with David, and had a small endive salad with pecans and bleu cheese nuggets as my entree. David had the crispy beef, which was very good and Michael, the shepherd's pie.

We've been to the Perimeter Mall Cheesecake Factory several times, but the two of us had never had any cheesecake. I'd had it once with my cousin at the one in Buckhead, but that was years ago. Anyway, even though neither one of us is that much of a chocolate fan, we ordered the Godiva chocolate cheesecake. Whoa, Nelly, was it delicious! Good quality chocolate makes a tremendous difference.

Spent some more time in City of Heroes, but I still don't have a travel power, darn it. Getting 14th takes a mighty long time.

Also got caught up on taped Alias episodes, which readies us just in time for the season finale next week.
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