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Friday Fannish 5

weetanya reminded me of the fannish5:

1. What type of fannish interaction do you prefer: conventions, smaller in-person gatherings, mailing lists, newsgroups, blogs/journals, or IRC?

I'll use a food analogy for this. Online interaction is bread and butter -- give us this day our daily fandom, as it were. However, I have distinct preferences on how I take in that information: I don't participate in mailing lists, newsgroups, or IRC, unless there's some sort of special event (a developer chat I need to cover, for example).

For daily consumption, journal communities/blogs are okay, but I definitely prefer the UI of message boards, where hot topics get bumped to the top. That, or RSS feeds from fan news sites.

Smaller in-person gatherings are more like the typical dinner out, and a large convention is something really special, like a New Year's Eve feast. I love the energy of large conventions, but couldn't do them every day; I'd be too exhausted. I also love the thorough exchange of ideas that occurs in smaller personal gatherings.

In short, I like them all, in different amounts.

2. Are you always upset when your show gets cancelled, or have you ever been (not so) secretly relieved?

I'm not much of a fandom apologist. Meaning, if and when a show I like starts going downhill and stays there, I acknowledge it, and generally don't make excuses for the series unless there's some clear reason, like a cast member's death, etc. I think it's time for Angel to exit the stage, for example. I think, had B5 been able to go with JMS' original five year plan, it would have been the perfect dose for the show: enough to leave us wanting more without overstaying its welcome. Some will disagree with me, but in my opinion, Buffy should have retired at least two years sooner than it did. Regardless of my affection, I'd rather have a show leave on a high note.

However, I remain quite upset that Firefly and John Doe were cancelled so soon. We definitely didn't get enough content there, and each had potential. It really depends on the show and the situation of its retirement.

3. Do you find icons an integral part of livejournaling, or would you be just as happy with one icon as with fifty?

I'm happy with between five and seven in rotation, generally. It takes me a while to get tired of them. Really, folks would probably appreciate it if I refreshed them a bit more often than I do.

4. Do you prefer to read fanfic in zines or online?

With apologies to my friends who write it, I honestly don't like to read fanfic. I'm fine with it being out there, but it's not something that interests me. I prefer to stick to canon. Sometimes I'll what-if in my head, or in discussion with friends (online or offline), but that's as far as it goes: I've never written any, for certain. I prefer to see where the show's creators go with the characters, rather than adding auxiliary embellishments that often contradict the real plot arc.

5. Do you consider yourself FIAWOL* (fandom is a way of life) or FIJAGDH* (fandom is just a goddamn hobby)? (explanation in the community thread)

Depends on the fandom. Twin Peaks is art. Don't take my word for it: check out David Lynch's credentials and the numerous graduate dissertations published, analyzing its symbols and metaphor. For that one, and for Sandman, FIAWOL. B5 comes very close to FIAWOL, but it's somewhere between that and the rest of my fandoms, which are all FIJAGDH. I love Alias and Firefly, I enjoy Stargate SG-1, and am fond of the first few seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I like some of Angel, but that one's never been must-watch television for me.

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