pointedview (pointedview) wrote,

Bargains and matinees

Saw Kill Bill, Part Two. Liked it better than the first one, but feel that the two don't fit together into a cohesive whole well at all -- the pacing is so dramatically different from the first to the second.

Went to computer show yesterday, and found a treasure! There was a man there selling remaindered books for 50% off. He had a lot of good things: the hardback Dark Tower series (save for Wizard and Glass), the Alan Lee illustrated Lord of the Rings, some Nigella Lawson titles . . . but he was cash only. :/ What I did buy was the full paperback Sandman series for $90 - the only book it was missing was #3. Would've been $180 for nine of them in the store. See, I've had the hardbacks for years, but I don't read them because I want to keep them in good condition, and some of them are signed. Now I have copies I can read. :) Hurrah!

Have been playing for almost two weeks now, and am still really enjoying City of Heroes.

Off to Sunday breakfast at the bagel place.

Tags: books, errands/shopping, movies, neil gaiman
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