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Slow Foodies

I've heard here and there about the Slow Food movement, but didn't really find out what it was until I happened to surf over to their site tonight. After reading a little about the founding motivations for the organization, I think I might have to locate a copy of their magazine and read a bit more.

I like the idea behind it, particularly the bit about people being "tired of buying the same things, eating the same foods and living the same lives." Aren't we? Atlanta's sprawl surely has more Taco Bells, and more McDonald's than it has schools and libraries all put together. Is there a town left in the US that doesn't have a fast food presence?

As I look back, it seems like the homogenization of America's townscapes began with McDonald's, then other fast food, then Wal-Mart, and now there's hardly a town with more than one stop light that lacks a CVS, a BP, a Blockbuster Video, and a Starbucks. I swear, Starbucks has become so land-grabby in Atlanta that I think they're going to start purchasing space in bathrooms soon. Thanks, I don't need an espresso while I tinkle, though it would be a great marketing scheme for them. Coffee's a diuretic, so if they give you some, they know you'll be back. ;)

Seriously, though, as I sat in traffic tonight, I consciously sensed moments of my life ticking away that I could be spending doing anything, anything but letting the red tail lights of the car ahead of me bore into my retinas. You can take the girl out of the small town, but it seems you can't take the small town out of the girl, in some ways, and at times like this, I sure wish I were back in the quiet, where you can actually see the stars at night, instead of the light pollution.

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