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76th Oscars

This is the first time I've ever done one of the stream of consciousness / as you watch reaction posts.

Red carpet: Susan Sarandon -- the face lift looks great, babe, but Tim's incoherence didn't play as well.

The reporters are asking embarrassingly stupid questions of people. Some stars able to manage nicely while others muddle through.

Alec Baldwin looks like a cow smacking that gum. Gawd - didn't you have a grandmother to lecture you about that?

Almost beginning time: Elijah and Peter are perky.

Sean Connery starts the main event inviting people to "shellebrate the magic of the movieshshs" in his famous brogue.

Hi, Billy Crystal. Billy as Gollum - hee... as Legolas -- double hee.

Smacking Michael Moore -- YAY!

Scary: Nicholson as Gandalf. The horror, the horror.

Nice zip on the line in 13 years ago Iraq.

In the audience: Johnny Depp looks quite elegant, gentlemanly, and relaxed.

LotR's 11 Oscar nominations -- one for each ending. Hee. :)

Hey, Julie Andrews looks good.

Okay, we're on Master and Commander in the song medley . . . it's starting to drag a little.

Michael Douglas, you cheeseball, take the sunglasses off. I have never liked you, always thought you were terribly overrated, and those aren't helping.

Best Supporting Actor presented by CZ Jones - goes to Tim Robbins. Hope he's more coherent in his speech than he was on the red carpet. I haven't seen the movie, but the clip of Benicio's performance made me want to see 21 Grams. See, Alec? You can't win if you're chewing gum. And William H. Macy did better than you in that scene, anyway.

Robbins speech - relatively understated given the fact that he and Sarandon are one of Hollywood's most political couples. ** Addendum - husband says they were warned to leave their politics at home due a speech several years ago as presenters - I must've missed that year. Not surprised, though.

Somewhat cute AmEx commercial with Martin Scorsese.

Woo, Sir Ian announcing Best Pic nom for LotR. They picked THAT scene to excerpt? Ugh. Surely there were better ensemble clips, if that was what they were trying to show off.

Angelita Jolie presenting for Art Direction -- first of LotR's noms. WON! Yay! Wholly deserved. Hullo, Alan L . . oh, cut to hobbits -- they're all sitting together. Nice. :)

Robin Williams and Billy Crystal -- silliness! ;) Zing-zing!

Best Animated Picture -- oh, dying laughing at Robin's bit ... I love that man. Hmm, neat clip on Triplets. I want to see that now. Finding Nemo won.

I like Billy as host. He's witty, and touches on things without being so edgy as to give offense. He seemed a little nervous at the beginning, but he's definitely warming into it.

Renee Z. looks lovely as usual - never seen her wear anything bad to the Oscars. Presenting for Costume Design. Nom for LotR.

WON! 2 for 2! Hi, Richard Taylor!

Loving the little montage of "favorite films" for H. Clinton, Martha Stewart, Rush L., etc.

I know everyone says Master and Commander is excellent, but I could not care less. I probably will care when I get around to seeing it, but right now, I am so tired of R. Crowe.

Best Supporting Actress - whoa, loving the clips. Need to see Pieces of April. Hey, Renee won! Though after that clip, I want to see Thirteen just for Holly Hunter's performance. What a sweet acceptance speech from Renee.

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. Expectedly funny. :) Presenting for Best Live Action Short Film and Animated Short Film. Would kinda like to see Two Soldiers. Oh, it won. Okies. Animated goes to Harvie Krumpet. Oh, Geoffrey Rush is in it? Cool. He's awesome.

Liv Tyler announcing for one of the song nominees. "You Will Be My Ain True Love" - just a gorgeous song, performed by Sting and Alison Kraus. I like it! I am thinking it must be from Cold Mountain, given the lyrics.

Okay, that "Scarlet Tide" song was real purty, but I cannot wait to hear Annie sing.

Post "Into the West" impression: seems like the mike stand was a little too short for her, and that they asked her to hold back a bit. I can hear it now: "Ms. Lennox, please don't blow out our microphone . . ." :) She looked lovely, though. Gown set off her eyes nicely.

APPALLED at use of Wizard of Oz to promote M&Ms during commercial break.

Will and Jada present for Visual Effects. For heavens' sakes, if LotR doesn't win for -this- category ... and they did! 3 for 3!

Yay, it's Jennifer Garner, presenting for tech awards. Smart, talented, beautiful, and reputedly nice.

Jim Carrey honoring Blake Edwards. The near-shaven head is working nicely for Jim.

Now puzzled after Blake Edwards' acceptance speech. Is he married to Julie Andrews?

Nice acknowledgement from Billy Crystal for Bill Murray. Forgot they were both SNL alums.

Makeup award -- 4 for 4! Yay, LotR! Oh, if they win all of these awards and then overlook Peter, I am going to be so angry. Richard Taylor seems such the nice guy. I do think if he weren't time limited, he'd thank everyone in the workshop by name.

Travolta and Sandra Bullock presenting for Sound Mixing - 5 straight for Lord of the Rings. This is excellent! I'm cheering at the television!

All these Pirates of the Carribean clips . . . I'm now dying to see that movie. Must rent this week. Not thinking that dress choice was a good one, Sandra B.

Lovely dress, but terrible hair, Julia. Ah, but we'll forgive, for a tribute to Katharine Hepburn. Oh, you jerks - stand up! Sheesh, show some respect. One of her ilk will not pass this way again for a long time.

Nice dress, but what on earth happened on Oprah's head? Her hair looks like it's about to take wing.

Oh, my sweet dear husband -- he has been so good to me this weekend. He just got the power cord for the laptop so I could continue this. Love him.

Naomi Watts and Alec Baldwin presenting for Best Documentary. Naomi looks great.

Nice tribute to Gregory Peck, John Ritter, Gregory Hines, Ann Miller, and others lost during 2003.

Sting and Phil Collins presenting for Best Original Score. Howard Shore won for RotK! Wonderful, wonderful! And we're going to see him when he comes to Atlanta! 6 for 6!

Film Editing award - Return of the King . . . 7! This has got to be some kind of record for consecutive awards.

"Moving to New Zealand just to be thanked . . ." Hee, Billy. :)

Will Ferrell and Jack Black presenting Best Song.YAY! YAY! YAY! 8 - and they so deserved it! "Into the West!"

Umm, Uma? You're lovely, but, ah, that outfit? Far too much going on. She and Jude Law are presenting for Cinematography. Master and Commander won - LotR wasn't nominated.

Holy cow -- Best Adapted Screenplay -- NINE for LotR! Now, frankly, don't fully feel they deserve that particular Oscar, fan though I am. I feel they took too many liberties, but congrats anyway.

Sophia Coppola just won Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation.


Sweet speech by Theron for Best Actress.

Sean Penn for Best Actor -- I'm just a touch surprised. I mean, I knew it'd be him or Murray, but the way the night was going, I sorta thought it'd be Murray.

Best Picture . . . fingers crossed . . . THEY DID IT! Aww, sweet - Sean's tearing up. And awesome of Barrie Osbourne to thank the fans.

They broke the fantasy curse!

Goodnight, everybody!

Link to list of nominees here.

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