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And then there were two: the Democratic candidates

So-called "Super Tuesday" approaches, and it seems that there are two serious Democratic candidates still in the race for the party nomination.

With that in mind, I'll mention a site I've cited before, Project Vote Smart, which is a very handy information source for evaluating the candidates issue by issue.

Here are the links to the NPAT (National Political Awareness Test) for Edwards and Kerry -- or lack thereof, as Kerry has entirely neglected to fill it out, which generally makes me a little suspicious of the individual involved.

* John Edwards

* John Kerry

Given that Dean's dropped out, I think I'm going to thoroughly read the link for Edwards when I get home, and then decide if I'm comfortable voting for him. I'm leaning that way: he ain't perfect, but given that Kerry scored dead last with me in the presidential quiz, and given what I've heard in the debates and read about each candidate thus far . . . I just don't find Mr. Massachusetts even remotely appealing.

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