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Happy birthday, Terrance!

Happy birthday, Terrance! (Did you get the Amazon book I sent you, btw?)

A few words about my friend, on his 35th birthday.

I have known Terrance since the fall of 1988, when I started college. Terrance is truly family, and I just admire him in so many ways. He leads without fear: I've never seen a day where he shrank from expressing his beliefs, no matter how much resistance he might have encountered in the process. However, his passion on current events doesn't keep him from having his feet on the ground, with a clever sense of humor; he's never afraid to laugh at himself, and he's quite capable of resisting the urge to take things too seriously.

He's been with me from freshman days on: during some seriously formative years, he was there to comfort when a relationship failed, and there to remind me that he did have my mother's home and work number, and would not hesitate to use it if he caught me outside on a cold day without a jacket. :) He was there, as one of the Snit Sister triumvirate, to make sure that any prospective suitor passed muster. I feel so blessed, then and now, to have such a caring friend, and I sure do appreciate that he takes the time to post here: I'm delighted that our keeping in touch has improved again, thanks to the internet blogging and journaling.

I remember especially a hug we exchanged on my wedding day: I was just so truly grateful that he came and spoke. So significant to have him there, through so many life changes; through dark days and bright ones.

I'm so glad he is in such a good place right now, with Rick and Parker, and I know that little boy is lucky indeed to have such fantastic parents.

Hope to see you through many more birthdays and years, m'dear. May this one be joyous!
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