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Georgia Senate Passes Gay Marriage Ban

And this unpleasant open insult from the ignorant hatemonger who proposed the bill:

"Those who are against this have the same right to marry as you or I do under the current law; they only need to find the right partner," Crotts said, in a line that drew laughter and jeers from the Senate gallery.

Think about that remark for a minute. It completely calls into question the autonomy of thousands of sentient, intelligent, taxpaying adults; specifically, their ability to determine the most suitable romantic match for themselves. Surely this is not a determination that Senator Crotts feels is best left to the legislature? Would he have consented to what amounts to an arranged marriage by the government?

(Yes, I know how he meant it. I'm just saying it's even more insulting when one actually dissects it.)

He's leaving the senate to run for Congress next year; it's pretty obvious this was done for his political gain.

This is just getting uglier by the minute, folks.

Tags: georgia, glbt, people behaving badly, politics/government
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