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Fluffy television post

I'm very tired from traveling this weekend, and the rain just won't stop. The constant patter and grey skies make me even more drowsy and lethargic. I want my bankie, a book, and a hot cup of tea. Don't want to think about anything requiring too many brain cells. Sleeeeeeeepy.

However, I do have just enough energy to talk television. ;)

I know I should care about Angel's cancellation, but the truth is that we haven't been making the time to watch it since about the fifth ep of the season. Also, although I like it, it's just never grabbed me quite the way that the early seasons of Buffy did. Well, save for Lorne: I like the character, and the Pylea episodes were excellent. On the other hand, I should probably go sign a few petitions anyway, because despite the fact that I was finding the show a bit stale (though I've heard that it's improved), I'm sure it's better than any of the crap that the WB would be likely to replace it with.

Additionally, Wednesdays are typically hard nights for us to focus in on television: we need something like, but not, a TiVo (I prefer my Nielsen participation to be voluntary, thanks). I was going to try to build a PVR out of my old PC, but David says Comcast is going to be giving them to customers soon. Me, I'll believe it when I see it.

The Practice
By contrast, to my utter shock, I find myself staying tuned in after Alias for The Practice. I've never really gone in much for lawyer shows, but James Spader is quite compelling in his role, and last night's "to be continued" plot had some interesting elements. I particularly enjoyed the casting of Betty White (Golden Girls) as the conniving neighbor. With her portrayal, you initially think you're getting another incarnation of sweet, grandmotherly, slightly-addled Rose, and then you're sideswiped by this manipulative woman taking advantage of the situation. She played it well; her portrayal was very Stephen King-esque (I'm curious about Kingdom Hospital, as a side note). I don't know if I'll become a regular viewer, but even though it's more mainstream than my typical viewing, I have to admit that it's far better than I would have ever expected it to be. I'll repeat myself: Spader is really good in this role. Small-screen or not, I think scripts that showcase an actor's real talent have to be helpful for the career.

Alias, my dear Alias: I am most concerned about the way they're bouncing my must-see show around. A new one aired for the first time in two weeks last night, and the next one won't appear for another three weeks? Not a good sign, in my experience. Also, the writing seems rushed. I really hope they're not thinking of cancelling the show. It has received much critical acclaim, and it's a lot of fun.

The love triangle has fortunately changed in the way that the audience views it, so it's much more interesting to watch, though I still wish that Syd would stop simpering over stupid Vaughn. Melissa George is much more entertaining as a Bad Guy, and I really like the idea of her collaboration with Sark. It still seems artificially accelerated to me, but at least they didn't reveal to Syd and Vaughn that she wasn't a White Hat like I feared they would. It's way too soon.

Speaking of bad guys, Tarantino's character was sharp and witty. It's funny how I seem to like him on camera as an actor more than off camera as a director. It's like the old thing in tabletop campaigns: if you limit your players in certain ways, they seem to get much more creative. This is sort of the same thing. By having a director, and the regulations of television, to curb Tarantino's excesses, it seems we're getting a much more refined and enjoyable product.

The whole "Luke, I am your father" reveal in the previews? I don't believe it for a minute, or at least not the way it's being packaged. Puh-leeeeze. I no more buy that this is Sloane's redemption than I'd buy that he's really RuPaul. Now, he maybe thinks he's Syd's daddy for some reason, and they may be related in some way, but I will be quite annoyed if the writers go down that road for real. And the green injection with the needle and the spoon? Related to Rambaldi in some way, I'm thinking.

I was glad to have more Jack/Sloane time, and to actually see Weiss with . . . oh, what's that odd thing that he hasn't had for a while . . . oh, yes: dialogue! Sometimes you gotta agree with TWoP: Worst. Spy. Ever. (meaning Sydney) I mean, hello? Did it never occur to her that she could work with another agent in the department, and Vaughn could, too? I mean, no sense in creating additional tension and self-torture where it's not necessary and could potentially compromise the mission. Our Lady Bristow has quite the self-destructive streak when it comes to romance. Syd, couldja please quit pining after Vaughn the Milquetoast and get on with things?

I felt like the Marshall romance shouldn't have been resolved quite that way. Again, too rushed, and too trite. Some folks are saying that Jack bringing Syd dinner is out of character. I disagree: he's used business as an excuse to touch on personal issues with Sydney before, so it follows that he'd do it again.

I just have this horrible gut feeling that some sort of memorandum has gone out from ABC to the Alias writers, and they're moving things at a breakneck pace to get to a place where they can cleanly end the show if the axe falls. I really, really hope I'm wrong. I have no evidence: it's just a worry.

Bah, I have to get back to work.

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