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Incredibly happy

As in jubilant. As in joyous. Elated. I feel like I've rediscovered . . . well, perhaps not buried treasure exactly, but of a sort.

Two upgrades ago, I was a good little Banshee and backed up all my data. However, part of the backup was zipping up my MasterCook files. If you've read my journal for any length of time, you know that I genuinely enjoy cooking, and collecting great new recipes is, well, something of a hobby. Because of said hobby, I had quite a lot of text, so I zipped said files up for backup. You have to understand . . . this was a real history for me, in a way. Some of this data had been imported from the venerable Meal-Master, a DOS program. Some of the recipes had been downloaded from BBSes back in college. Some of these are not just recipes, but life markers, to a small extent.

Guess which file got damaged during the zip with bad CRCs? And I'd of course already wiped the original file because I was upgrading, so all I had to work with was the .zip file.

I was heartsick. It's bothered me for over two years. Not in an obsessive way or anything, but more of a "Oh I want to fix . . . damnation, it was in the Recipes From All Over file . . . *insert muttered string of curses*" way. I saved the file, and would, from time to time, retry extraction, just to see if I'd get lucky.

I'm in the process of upgrading my machine again (awesome Valentine's Day present from my beloved), and thought I'd give it another shot. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before, but there's a program or two out on the 'net that can help with bad zip files. However, the ones I found cost money, and I just didn't see paying $30 for one file unless I absolutely had to in order to retrieve the information.

Fortunately, there's almost always a handy-dandy how-to on the 'net. With the aid of WinRAR, I was able to salvage a significant portion of the file, and could at least see the titles of the urecoverable recipes, which gives me a better chance of being able to replace them by looking on the 'net! I've already found several.

Yes, Rosemary Pine-Nut Popcorn! Yes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Arugula! All my rhubarb recipes! Almost 300 recipes in the booklet, and most of 'em recovered! The only one that I'm sorry that I can't access is my Clear Mushroom Soup recipe, and I'm sure I can find a similar one online. What is Banshee with her recipes? A happy lass, indeed!

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