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Tea, February, and Stephen King

A precious aroma fills my nose at the moment. In September of 1999, we were on honeymoon in London, and we went to Twinings' tea shop. Standing in this place that had been around longer than our own country, I bought a few tea bags that could not be readily had in the US at that time: coconut, verbena, vanilla, and lapsang souchong. I have kept them safely in a tea box, in the dark, in a cool cabinet.

Saturday, at the Fresh Market, I was delighted to see the lapsang souchong for sale there. There are little things in life that we can easily do without, and yet make our lives a little better when they are present. This is one of them, and I shall definitely have to go pick up a box. I have been parsimonious with my stash from London, but after seeing that, well, tonight has been a perfect cold Sunday in February to curl up with Stephen King. We even have a bit of Stilton in the fridge with mango and ginger that would probably be an excellent accompaniment, but I am not hungry, so that will await another occasion. For now, the tea and Wolves of the Calla are enjoyment enough.

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