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Also, found this:

Star Wars fans, take note: the entire JC interview was conducted at Skywalker Ranch, and some of Yoda's remarks are mighty reminiscent of JC.

Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth now available on DVD

On a Twin Peaks note this is VERY interesting:

From the Twin Peaks Gazette:

Mark Frost to Continue TP? by Jordan Chambers
Is Mark Frost wanting to revisit Twin Peaks in a new movie?

Those are the current rumors running around the web the past couple of days. Earl morning Monday, the Gazette received this same info from an email and then a few other places starting stating the exact same story.

According to Dark Horizons:

"The "Twin Peaks" writer/co-creator was interviewed on radio station KZO-AM this weekend and slipped out some news that'll excite 'Peaks' fans. Frost is planning to do a spin-off feature film which would bring back at two characters from the series and "Fire Walk With Me" movie tie-in (depending upon getting the rights). Frost wants to get Kyle MacLachlan and Kiefer Sutherland to reprise their roles of Agent Dale Cooper and Agent Sam Stanley respectively, with the setting of this new tale being the FBI headquarters in Washington."

As of now, the Gazette is unsure of where the station KZO-AM is located, looks to be a foreign radio station. And is unsure how accurate this story really is. Fans of Twin Peaks have been hammered with rumors throughout this past year of a possible return to Twin Peaks. Could this be the same type rumor? or an actual idea in the making?

We're investigating it.

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