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Inhale the tasty smell of bratwurst . . .

Oh my gosh, has anything ever smelled this good? Bay leaves, minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, a dash of dried ginger, 24 ounces of Corona beer, a bit of lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, ground black pepper, and a splash of Dijon mustard are all getting chummy with some Johnsonville brats in the crockpot. I browned the meat with a bit of olive oil and pierced them several times with a fork before covering them with the aforementioned medley. They'll have six to seven hours on low before it's time to chow down. I may caramelize some onions to accompany them on buns. What to serve as a side dish . . . I'm toying with steamed cauliflower, or perhaps my Mom's spinach. *ponders* If they taste half as good as they smell, I'm definitely looking forward to dinner. I'll letcha know how they turn out.


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Feb. 4th, 2004 09:48 pm (UTC)
You know what's awful? My ex-roommate finally came and took all his pots and pans.

And while I have pots and pans stored at my parents' house, I keep forgetting to try to find them.

So right now I've been functioning with a George Foreman (which is actually a big help), aluminum foil, a wok, one old 13x9 cake pan, and microwavable containers. Oh, and a small charcoal grill that I really only tend to use in nicer weather.

However, I've gotten pretty creative in my cooking and often manage to make it work. You'd be amazed at the variety of things that work well on George, but it's still rough. I keep wanting to make some kind of casserole, and I just can't--I don't have any dishes that will remotely work. :(
Feb. 5th, 2004 11:20 am (UTC)
Re: Dang!
Hon, I'm sorry to hear that! I agree that the Foreman grills rock, but you need a few more pieces. The wok is good, but even one casserole dish would help you. They're not that expensive -- I got a Pyrex one some time ago at the grocery store for maybe $11?
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