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This is a little old by now ...

This was published back in May, but I just wanted to make a post here for my own records, because I think it's powerful.

I will miss you, Eleven

I'm sure that by now you've all heard the news that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who around the time of the 50th anniversary special.

I wrote a slight variation of the following over in boji's journal, and I'm sharing it here.

I gave the show up about five or six episodes after Nine's run, and went almost to the end of Ten without watching it. Insistence from friends that I give it another shot caused me to cave, so I caught up just before Eleven arrived on the scene.

I still wasn't crazy about it, and would've gladly put it down were it not the lingua franca of almost every single one of my friends. So I tolerated it for them, though I remained pretty confident that this young actor wouldn't be able to touch Christopher Eccleston.

And then, an odd thing happened: I never liked Amy (the character - I've no problem with Gillan), and I would rant regularly over the incoherence of Moffat's show direction, but Matt Smith? I stayed for him. Year after year -- his beautiful weariness kept me when nothing else about the show would've. Mister Smith, I apologize for my ageist assumptions.

I don't have a "my Doctor," but Matt Smith has demonstrated tremendous range in this role, and I'm going to truly miss him. He has moved me in otherwise mediocre episodes: The Rings of Akhaten comes to mind.

Thank you so much, Matt Smith. I've been ready to leave so many times before, and yet, I just couldn't leave without you. I look forward to seeing where your talents take you.

The Wheel of Time

I finished A Memory of Light yesterday.

I'm off work today, and don't want to give my time to writing a review right now, but I did want to mark the moment.

In Memoriam

Thank you, Roger Ebert.

Tonight, I'm raising a glass in your memory. You were an insightful writer who inspired many in your role as a film critic, and you inspired many more during the last eight years of your life as you faced cancer with grace and courage.

I remember taking the movie beat for my high school paper, and writing my predictions for the Oscars in the hope that I'd match or beat you. I never did, but I tried because of "Sneak Previews" (yes, I remember the PBS show) and "At the Movies."

America's most beloved movie fan is gone. Tomorrow, newspapers will be filled with political cartoons, homages, and accolades acknowledging one of their best. It will be long before we see his like again.

My sincerest condolences to Chaz, his widow. Know that we honor you, too, and all that you did to ease his suffering. He will never be forgotten.

If there is a heaven, I'd wager that Gene Siskel is there to greet his old rival and friend. Both are now at peace. Cancer cannot hurt them any more.

Is it a fwog or a squeaky toy?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Namaqua rain frog:

Full credit to my wonderful husband for finding and sharing this one with me. :)

Merry Christmas, Twin Peaks style

I hope that all of you who observed Christmas two days ago had an enjoyable day. Here's a little holiday greeting from Agent Cooper:

I haven't posted an LJ meme/toy in ages

How old school! How fun!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, pointedview sent to me...
Twelve mountains drumming
Eleven owls piping
Ten RPGs a-leaping
Nine Myers-Briggs reading
Eight Paris a-cooking
Seven lemurs entertaining
Six ethics a-writing
Five fe-e-e-emale gamers
Four Twin Peaks
Three Star Blazers
Two computer games
...and a Tolkien in a sanctuary.
Get your own Twelve Days:

RuPaul's All-Stars Drag Race

As some of you know, I am a complete RuPaul's Drag Race junkie, so I can't wait until October 22nd when twelve queens from all four seasons stalk down the runway for the chance to become the queen of all queens.

I think this will be a somewhat difficult choice: some of my favorites from each season are present, so part of it is definitely going to come down to how the challenges play out.

The competitors are:

From Season 1:

  • Nina Flowers
  • Shannel
  • Tammie Brown
From Season 2:
  • Raven
  • Jujubee
  • Pandora Boxx
From Season 3:
  • Manila Luzon
  • Alexis Mateo
  • Yara Sofia
  • Mimi Imfurst
From Season 4:
  • Chad Michaels
  • Latrice Royale
Who I'd like to see in the top 3:
  • Chad Michaels (The total package)
  • Shannel (girl can seriously beat a mug, and she didn't get a fair shake from Santino in S1)
  • Nina Flowers (innovative and a sweetie) / Pandora Boxx (both funny and stylish)
Who probably will be top 3:
  • Chad Michaels
  • Raven (I've always felt she was kind of a one trick pony, but they'll keep her around as the season's villain)
  • Manila Luzon (before this week, I might've said Pandora Boxx here, but Sahara Davenport, Manila's partner of six years just died, so she may have a strong sympathy vote if she wasn't eliminated before Sahara's passing).
I would love to see Chad win this. I'm fine with pretty much anyone but Raven, Tammie, or Mimi, but unless something has radically changed, those last two aren't real possibilities. I do think, given the known biases from previous seasons, that they are almost obligated to have a funny queen like Pandora, Manila, or Jujubee in the top 3, but it's hard to say, given Santino's hard bias against them.

Here's the most recent trailer:

Some stunning looks there! I can't wait. While writing this post, t realized that I lacked a RPDR LJ icon, so I made a very basic one just now. I'll have to come up with something better, but it'll do for tonight.

Will any of you be tuning in?

My most anticipated movie of 2012

New trailer for The Hobbit. So much love for Andy Serkis, and I think I'm developing a crush on Richard Armitage's voice just from the clips.

L'shana tova!

Warmest wishes for a good new year to all who are observing Rosh Hashanah.



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